this blog has been abandoned


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✎ Anonymous: I want to ask you for a link to your new blog but I don't want you to feel obliged to give it to me- so I'm not going to. I am, however, going to wish you well on your journey, where ever it takes you next, and hope for your future well being. I hope your future is something you may learn to love and enjoy.

i might have a feeling i know who this is. and i’m probably wrong.


you never know. this time around, i’m being choosy with giving out the link. that one so called friend of mine really fucked with my mentality, and i’d rather it not end up everywhere. but that doesn’t mean i’ll feel obligated if you message me. truth be told, if i don’t feel comfortable, i just won’t send it back. but you might be surprised. i’m not trying to be mean with it. that’s not what this is about. and i’m not trying to scare you off further into not asking me. (after all, there is a good chance of coming across me again, especially if you’re within the same group of people as i was previously).

but what i’m trying to get at is, well, if you’re you-know-who (and maybe you’re not), there’s a really good chance i’m over whatever it was that happened. if something happened. idk. like i said, i’m probably wrong here.

i hope you understand where i’m going with this. if you think there’d be a reason stopping me from giving you a link, then i hope you know i’d be more than willing to talk it out. i owe that to at least two people. at least, one of those two people owe me that.

i think it’s the fact that it’s nearly a new year here. i’m getting a bit emotional. sorry.

but even if i don’t hear from you again, thank you! i hope everything ahead of you is nothing but bright and happy because even if there are people i’ve got problems with - and whether or not you fall into that category, idk - i can honestly say that i’d like nothing more than for life to be good to them too.

so, if this applies to, then i haven’t made a fool of myself, but if it doesn’t, well, hopefully those people i have in mind read this.

you’re lovely, anon. i wish you all the best. xx

✎ Anonymous: Heyy im really new to the whole fanfictions thing and I saw an AU meme going around and I hadn't realised it was for an existing fic, your fic which is apparently not up anymore and I really wanna read it if its okay with you :)

i’m guessing it’s for ‘this is interlude’? that’s the only one i know of that’s had any sort of graphic made for it. i can’t post the link publicly so you’ll have to come off anon to get it.


and just to everyone in general, i’m no longer using this account! so any messages i get, i probably won’t reply to unless it’s asking for my new link. there’s a post made about that on this blog.

✎ Anonymous: Gonna miss you :(

there’s always a way to find me again if you really want that.

but like, don’t? please don’t bc that’s only gonna make me sad. D: like. cutting ties is hard enough, and i feel bad about being an inconvenience, but i’m so tired of not putting my wellbeing first. i need to do that for me, you know? <3<3

this blog has been abandoned

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✎ Anonymous: babe youre not leaving tumblr yeh? :(



Jimmy Fallon as Harry on SNL (x)